Tachus Range Management Set up:


Tachus Lane Control Desk: 


Tachus Lane Control Desk is designed to set up and control multiple lanes (Upto 10 Lanes) of Tachus Electronic Target in a range. It allows range officers to set up all the details (Including shooter's name, lane number, com port , match and event type) of multiple users from a single desk. It can be connected with each system wirelessly (Wi-Fi network). It also has feature to print match reports and match summary of each lane for control desk.





Tachus Display and Ranking Desk: 


Tachus Display and Ranking Desk is designed to display real time performances of multiple shooters (Up to 10) on a single screen. This desk not just shows real time scores but ranking of the participants as well. It can be connected wirelessly on WiFi Network with up to 10 Lanes. This Desk can also be connected to big screen to engage the audience in the range.

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