Tachus Technology Private Limited was founded in year 2017 with a mission to build accessible, affordable and quality products for Shooting Sports in India. We launched our first product 'Tachus 10 Electronic Target System for 10 meter ISSF Shooting Events in the year 2019. This system received favorable feedback from users for its built quality, Software and after sale support. Currently, 1200+ shooters are training on it in 16 states across India.

In 2020, We launched three new products including Tachus 25/50 Electronic Target System, Tachus 50 Electronic Target System and Tachus 50/10 Hybrid Electronic Target System. All these three products work on robust ultrasonic measurement technology and meet ISSF requirements.

In 2021, We launched two new products: Tachus 25 Meter Rapid Fire Station and Tachus Range Management Set up. Tachus 25 Meter Rapid Fire Station is world's most economical 25 Meter rapid fire station with a 5-fold granule based bullet collector and movable trolley. Tachus Range Management Set up is built for Shooting ranges to organize competitions on Tachus Electronic Targets.


Currently, We are working on development of Analytics Services for Shooting, simulators for Air Gun and Firearms. We are also developing Electronic Target System for big bore Shooting Events. 

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