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Tachus Technology Private Limited was founded in year 2017 with a mission to build accessible, affordable and quality products for Shooting Sports in India. In 2019, We launched our first product 'Tachus 10 Electronic Target System' for 10 meter ISSF standard shooting. Tachus 10 Electronic Target System is an ultrasonic technology based 'Made in India' Electronic Target System for 10 Meter Air Rifle and Pistol ISSF Shooting Events (4.5 mm, 0.177 Calibre). System has received favourable feedback from users for its built quality, Software and after sale support. Currently, 600+ shooters are training on it in 16 states across India.

We work to solve problems using cutting edge technologies that offer value, challenges and excitement to the team.

If technology is your passion, we offer you the platform to explore and exhibit your skills. Currently, we are looking for interns in Mechanical, Electronics and Robotics. Dedicated, enthusiastic and innovative people are always welcome to join our team.

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